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Experienced travelers’ biggest problem just might be the inexperienced traveler clogging up the TSA security checkpoint.  Patience here is not just a virtue, it is a requirement.  First, pointers for the less experienced:


1.         Liquids 3-1-1:  no larger than three ounce containers, held in a single one quart zip-lock bag, one per passenger.


2.         Take it out/Take it off:  Computer out, shoes off, belt off.  Please — nothing in your pockets.  If your watch is large, take it off.  If you jewelry is large, take it off.  If your cell phone is attached, take it off.


3.         If you are travelling with children, make sure their carry-ons are easy to handle.


4.         No sharp objects, flammables, matches, weapons (or anything that could possibly be weapon).  Don’t overlook the nail scissors, metal nail files, etc.


Yes, baggage check fees are high and add to the cost of travel, but I’m of the opinion that your trip through not just the security line but the whole airport should be as smooth, easy and light as possible.   If you don’t need it and can afford it, anything that can be checked should be checked.


On a recent trip, I met John Kleinschmidt, a manager on one of the many TSA lines at Newark Liberty International Airport (I was not allowed to take a picture of his huge smile).  He managed a team doing their best with long lines and impatient travelers (go back and re-read the first paragraph).  His job was behavior analysis, which he took not only to mean watching out for the agitated, irrational and irate, but to keep the attitude of his team (and that long line of passengers) positive.  He kept me smiling during my wait.


If you aren’t sure what to do when you reach the security check, ask!  The TSA teams are well trained and all take their job very seriously (as they should).  Better to ask once than require multiple screenings of either your self or your stuff!

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